March 28, 2023

ISBN: 978-1737054580

6 x 9 in

162 pages

POETRY / Women Authors

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BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Your Compass Rose Speaks

Rediscover Your Inner Wisdom

by Mary Lunnen

This book is a guide taking you through the Compass Rose practice that Mary has developed over many years of working with people one to one and in groups. You will visit each part of the Compass Rose, beginning in Peace, in the centre, then each of the four directions, and returning to Peace. Each part offers three chapters, with suggestions and stories, a new guided visualisation, and prompts to explore in your own practice.


Foreword  xiii
Compass Rose Speaks 1
What is a ‘Compass Rose’? 3
Introduction 5
How to Navigate This Book 11

Chapter 1: Finding Peace 21
Chapter 2: Growing Roots 27
Chapter 3: Standing Strong in Your Peace 33

Chapter 4: Defining Purpose: Being and Doing 39
Chapter 5: Choosing Your Guiding Principles 43
Chapter 6: Allowing Your Purpose to Evolve 47

Chapter 7: Why Do You Do What You Do? 53
Chapter 8: Choosing Which Passions to Follow, and How 59
Chapter 9: Exploring the Potential Rising 67

Chapter 10: Letting Go of the Old 73
Chapter 11: Identifying Your Power Within 77
Chapter 12: Stepping Fully Into Your Power 83

Chapter 13: Where Are You Now? 89
Chapter 14: Where Next? 93
Chapter 15: The Promise of a New Day 97

Chapter 16: Grounded 103
Chapter 17: Balanced 107
Chapter 18: Coming Home to Yourself 111


Afterword 153
Postscript 155
Acknowledgements 159
References 161
About the Author  163
Other Publications by Mary 165

“The perfect book to bring together the concepts of rediscovering one’s inner wisdom, accessing our natural guidance systems and, as author Mary Lunnen calls it, finding the joy in ‘daring to blossom.’ By aligning the points of the compass to the concepts of Peace, Passion, Purpose and Progress, Mary uses her original poem, ‘The Compass Rose Speaks,’ along with a companion graphic, her own deck of intuitive ‘Rediscovery’ cards—plus a guided meditation she calls a ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ to work with small groups or individuals to assist them in finding their way through the difficult times of life or simply to kick back, relax and let the energy flow in ways both refreshing and intuitive. 

“Whether used as a standalone, with others or in one of Mary’s international on-line small groups or simply to read the powerful and engaging story of how Mary developed the program, plus fascinating renderings of a number of ‘Magic Carpet Rides’ participants have written, Compass Rose Speaks has something to offer everyone seeking peace and inner guidance in these turbulent and often confusing times. Each of the chapters and lessons in Mary Lunnen’s book works, individually or together, to allow readers to let their own inner ‘Compass Rose’ speak.”


“It was a joy to read Mary’s book. It is laid out in a way that easily invites you to choose to explore randomly or from beginning to end. And it accommodates any and all learning styles. Mary also brings in many aspects of herself, and we are treated to her wisdom and creativity as we learn and grow. Mary asks simple questions that cause one to probe deeply, which helps us then to travel further within and seek answers. She utilizes nature to guide us to our inner knowing especially through vivid and unique visualizations. And it is within this connection to nature that we are brought home to ourselves. With this beautiful book, Mary does indeed ‘dare us to blossom’ and find ‘that whole of me’ that has always been there.”

—DONNA DONABELLA, Writer, Poet, and Creative Soul

“I was immediately struck by the kindness that is the motivating force behind Mary Lunnen’s work. Her Your Compass Rose Speaks is a beautiful guide to self-exploration and healing. Mary’s process in this book is informed by years of work with groups and individuals, and is a thoughtful and respectful approach to clarity and empowerment. And above all, she meets her readers with compassion and unequivocal support for their individuality and worth.”

—GINA MARTIN, author of the When She Wakes Trilogy and Womenchanting

“I would like to give my praise for this wonderful book. The journeys we traveled on were so calming and enthralling, leaving me with such peace during a turbulent time in my life.”


“Spending time with Your Compass Rose Speaks: Rediscover Your Inner Wisdom by Mary Lunnen is a beautiful opportunity to calm one’s mind and take a deep breath of quietude. Chapter by chapter, Mary invites the reader to journey around their own Compass Rose, with guided activities to aid listening and reflection based on her extensive experience of coaching and supporting others. Practical and deeply nourishing, this book is an exquisite guide to connecting with the self. I know that I shall return to it again and again.”


“This book provides a supple, sturdy path home. To soul, sovereignty, and our unique gifts. My entire being softened as I began to read it. I knew I was in sacred, wise hands. There’s a transmission here that relaxes the mind and opens the heart. Mary has written something very special for us all. Her words and voice are an invocation of true remembering. This book is an invitation that feels like love.”

—WENDY HAVLIR CHERRY,  The School of Wild & Holy 

Your Compass Rose Speaks is a sweet breath of encouragement and inspiration in what can be a restless and noisy world. Encouraging you to inhabit your power within, to embrace your purpose and your passion, and to heed your inner wisdom, this powerful book serves as a guardian, teacher, and guide to a deeply personal path of exploration and self-discovery.”

—MOLLY REMER, Creatrix of #30daysofgoddess, author of three books, including Walking with Persephone

“I have been privileged to work with Mary, in person, over a number of years, and deeply appreciate the skill with which she invites us into the inner journey. It has always been a magical experience, allowing access to a landscape that has always existed within, yet one we have forgotten how to access. 

“This delightful book is a distilling of Mary’s work and wisdom—a guide book, if you will—which leads us gently, by the hand, into that landscape, using the Compass Rose as a guiding principle. It’s packed with exercises and suggestions for navigating the journey, along with meditations, including her signature Magic Carpet Rides. Mary also shares extracts from her own experiences, and stories contributed by other ‘Travellers,’ both moving and inspiring, which illuminate the possibilities of where that journey can take us. 

“Throughout, Mary emphasises that each of our journeys is uniquely our own and it is for each of us to find our own way, and at our own pace. I recall that on medieval maps, they marked the uncharted territory ‘Here Be Dragons.’ With this book in our hand, we do not need to view the unknown landscape with such trepidation, but rather with a sense of curiosity, wonder and delight that attends all Great Adventures. Enjoy your explorations.”


“How wonderful to see the magic carpet ride in print! I love how it’s that little bit different each time it appears in the book. This reflects my experience in the 5 years I’ve worked with Mary: somehow it is simultaneously unique and yet comfortingly familiar, every time.  

“It has been several years now since the magic carpet rides I have described, and it’s been really powerful for me to re-read them and remember just how much those experiences helped me through a very difficult time. As Mary says, what she does is not therapy—as a therapist myself, and having worked with several coaches and therapists, I understand the difference—and yet, Mary’s work has had huge therapeutic benefit for me over the years. I always look forward to her calls and I know that whatever comes up, it’s a message from my subconscious mind, and it will be valuable. There is a point in the book where Mary says that as she types up her experience after the event, she can’t believe she is being coached by a carpet! That made me laugh, as I do get a range of reactions from my friends when I tell these stories. Hypnotherapy works in a similar way: our minds provide all sorts of weird and wonderful metaphors to help us make sense of things—all we have to do is be open to them and get curious about what they might mean and how they might help us. As Dumbledore wisely said: ‘Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?’

“It truly is a beautiful experience working with Mary, and I’m delighted that this book is making her work available to more people. Enjoy it!”

—HELEN CHAMPION, Helen Champion Hypnotherapy

Your Compass Rose Speaks, a magnificent book by Mary Lunnen, holds you gently and expertly guides you into an experience of feeling, discovering and anchoring into the truth of who you are. 

“Mary’s words create a safe space to reflect and learn. The exercises and visualisations she has created are so illuminating… and doable. This book is great for people beginning their journey of self-discovery as well as those seasoned travellers. I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the brilliance of this book and look forward connecting even deeper to my own compass rose.”


MARY LUNNEN lives in the magical county of Cornwall, in the southwest of the UK. Her home is in a secluded spot, a short drive from the dramatic cliffs and beautiful beaches where she loves to walk and where she receives much of her inspiration. Mary’s life changed with a cancer diagnosis in 1994, and she has since published several books, set up Dare to Blossom Life Coaching in 2003, and acted as a Magic Carpet Ride guide for people around the world.



by Nick Williams

My mum told a story that the day I was born my four-year-old sister ran around the garden saying she didn’t want a brother and to send me back. I don’t think it was anything personal, she just didn’t want anyone else around. She enjoyed being the centre of attention, the apple of my parents’ eye. So, she seemed to perceive me as a threat, someone who would take the spotlight away from her, and treated me as such. 

I now understand that this is a common sibling dynamic, and one, when understood and handled well, families work through. 

We never seemed to work it through. 

So, I felt no choice but to adapt, edit and modify many of my natural qualities, abandoning aspects of myself, shrinking myself down, learning to bend myself out of shape, in order just to survive. I had to adjust who I was. I became an adapted and distorted version of myself. As an adult, I became more aware of what I had done and embarked on a journey back to my Self. 

I am always amazed how, though, even when we know what we have done, the undoing of these patterns can take so much time, energy, and patience. Recovery seems a gradual process. 

D H Lawrence wrote in his poem, Healing, “I am ill because of wounds to the soul, to the deep emotional self, and the wounds to the soul take a long, long time, only time can help and patience, and a certain difficult repentance long difficult repentance, realization of life’s mistake, and the freeing oneself from the endless repetition of the mistake which mankind at large has chosen to sanctify.” 

The journey back to us, the essence of who we truly are, is the adventure of our life. We lost some of ourselves, and then we can find ourselves again. 

It can be hard trying to be sane and loving in a world that relies heavily on judgement and competition and alienation from our deepest selves. 

Mary has dedicated her life to finding her way back to the essence of herself and to help others find their way back to their essence. She helps us recognise that actually, there is nothing wrong with us, and there never was. The only thing wrong with us is the belief that there is something wrong with us. The peeling back of the layers of conditioning and programming is our work. 

In Your Compass Rose Speaks, Mary provides you with practical tools that she has spent her lifetime developing. 

Mary’s philosophy is that your job in this lifetime is not to mold yourself into some idealised version of who you think you should be, but to discover who you already are in essence, and develop the courage to become it as fully and skillfully as you can. 

What a wonderful thought. 

Mary’s book helps you to gently find and draw on your inner strength and power to be who you really are. 

Thank you, Mary for providing a map and tools for our journey home. 

Let Mary comfort you and help guide you home to yourself. 

NICK WILLIAMS, Leadership guide and author of nineteen books including The Work We Were Born To Do. London, May 2022.