Woman in Red:

Magdalene Speaks

2nd edition

by Krishna Rose 

WINNER of PenCraft Award - Best Fiction Book of The Year 2020

In an enthralling saga, Mary Magdalene, the most misunderstood woman in history, returns strong and true as the irresistible voice of the banished feminine divine. Holding an intriguing legacy in her hands, she unveils the scandalous secrets, prophecies, and confidential teachings of Jesus. Using the profound language of the soul to construct in the reader the essence of a divine state, this book could be called pure alchemy from beginning to end. Overflowing with enthralling descriptions detailing the creation, Heaven and Hell, the hidden life of Jesus, the truth about Mother Mary, and the secrets of death, endorsed by obscure ancient texts—this book sets spiritual and historical literature apart.

After twenty-five years of research this could be the most authentic portrayal recounting accurate details of what happened next—after the crucifixion.

Prophecy spoke of two Messiah’s—Jesu was the first.

Krishna Rose

After promoting many famous musicians including Bon Jovi, Aerosmith & Ozzy Osbourne, Krishna Rose left her busy life in London, to unravel the mysteries surrounding history’s most legendary and influential personalities. In her quest, she became aware of a highly protected confidential story which ached to be told. Arising from her 25-year investigation and discoveries, Woman in Red—Magdalene Speaks was born. 

Pursuing obscure texts, she unearthed & decoded evidence to support important breakthroughs in our collective thinking—shining the light of authentic femininity on the darkness of untruths glossed over for centuries.