When Wolves Become Birds

by Alise Versella

When Wolves Become Birds is poetry about women becoming powerful and, "making their own heavens from the pearly gates of their teeth / a smile that bites back / like a dog in the junkyard…"

When Wolves Become Birds asks, "so what if we scratch a little, if we sting a little, if the blood reminds the spineless we are still here?"

This is Olivia Gatwood’s New American Best Friend meets Silver RavenWolf’s To Stir a Magick Cauldron, casting and conjuring female empowerment with the talons of a bird of prey.To those girls figuring out how to shed their insecurities and trust again in the broad expanse of their wings. To women finding themselves at a crossroads in life. This book will remind you of your strengths: Wolf Girl, Get Back Your Wings, and Dare to Fly.

Alise Versella

Alise Versella is a Pushcart-nominated, contributing writer for Rebelle Society whose work has been published in Circle Show, COG Magazine, Crack the Spine, Entropy, The Opiate, Penumbra Literary and Art Journal, Poydras Review, Ultraviolet Tribe, What Rough Beast, Steam Ticket, and Elephant Journal, among others.

Versella has worked with author Francesca Lia Block and Women’s Spiritual Poetry. She performs throughout New Jersey and has taught poetry workshops at local libraries and schools.

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