ISBN: 979-8-9882025-1-6

Paperback: May 28, 2023

6 x 9 in

100 pages

POETRY / Women Authors

SELF-HELP / Creativity

BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth

The Colors I Hear

Poems & Prose to Inspire Creativity

by Carolyn Riker

THE COLORS I HEAR is Carolyn Riker’s fourth full-length book of poetry & prose. This book is soaked in nature, creativity, imagination, and dreams—the root of a Highly Sensitive Person. 

There are four sections: When a Bird Sings is how nature influences Carolyn’s poetry. The second section, Welcome All Sides of You, honors aging. The third section, Highly Sensitive People, describes self-acceptance and appreciation as an HSP. And last, The Colors of Creativity is an assortment of poetry and prose to inspire your imagination. 

“A balm to the highly sensitive soul, The Colors I Hear captures the beauty and complexity of the HSP experience in a way I have never seen before. Carolyn’s soothing presence will soothe frazzled edges, wrap you in deep understanding, and give you permission to live in alignment with your own needs. This book opens a doorway to reconnect with your sensitive gifts in the quiet spaces. Inspiring, soothing, and nurturing in so many ways!”

APRIL SNOW, LMFT, licensed psychotherapist, and author of Find Your Strength: A Workbook for the Highly Sensitive Person

“Carolyn Riker’s newest book, The Colors I Hear, uses language to paint a picture and a feeling all at once. Even then, it’s more complex and multi-layered than one mere picture and one mere feeling simultaneously. Just captivating, truly. This is poetry and prose written for the sensitive soul. Her words are in motion and touch the heart. They moved through me and the depths of my being, ringing with purity and authenticity. After reading The Colors I Hear, my sensitive soul feels deeply seen and understood. I am inspired to listen to the call of my own creative voice and to soak in the balm of Nature in my own life.”

ERICA SAWYER, MA, LMHC, ATR, TIRF, Counselor, Art Therapist, and Writer

CAROLYN RIKER, MA, LMHC, is a licensed psychotherapist, poet, writer, and author. Her poems and prose have been published in numerous anthologies and poetry publications since 2012. 

Her published books include Blue Clouds, This is Love, and My Dear, Love Hasn’t Forgotten You. She was the co-editor for Hidden Lights, an anthology of 55 writers. 

Her home and private counseling practice is in the Pacific Northwest with her sweet house tiger.