The Book of the Ten Journeys:

Overcoming Internal Barriers for a More Enriching Life Through Travel

by Jazmin Harb

The problem in the market is there is no priority given to the self-help/ storytelling genre, that focuses on getting people to step outside their comfort zone through travel. Travel and new ways of travel are at the forefront of many people’s minds as positive steps are taken in this pandemic world. Many people are thinking about new forms of travel that might be outside their comfort zone.

It is important to step out of your comfort zone to not only grow yourself as an individual, but to allow yourself to experience new ideas, cultures, and stories. Travel, when approached correctly can provide all of this and more.

This book is for you if you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and start traveling in a more meaningful way.

My book focuses on 10 travel experiences that have shaped my personality and positive life approach, with a retrospective look at my experience, growth, and valuable lessons I pulled from each trip, and how you can apply those lessons on your own path of growth.

The purpose of this book is to inspire you to travel more often in ways that create more meaningful experiences, by immersing yourself into new cultures, learning more about other religions, trying new food, meeting new people, experiencing life to the fullest and above everything else, getting out of your comfort zone. By the end of the book, you will be inspired to plan a new eye-opening adventure to explore someplace new in the world that you never thought was a possibility.

Growing up, I was taught to stay within my comfort zone and focus on what I already knew. It was not until I was an adult that I felt that I could travel freely to anywhere I wanted. Over the last several years, I traveled to over 50 countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and most of Europe, while experiencing new cultures, cuisines, and historical experiences. Through one-on-one conversations with locals in each destination, I have expanded my awareness of how different people experience the world and I emerged today with 10 travel experiences that stand out as having transformed my positive and powerful approach towards being my best self and living my best life, all thanks to having stepped out of my comfort zone and travel in new ways.

I want to inspire you to push your mental boundaries and dream big. Only you have the power to create the life not only that you want but the life you deserve, for just being you.

— Jazmin Harb

Jazmin Harb

Jazmin Harb was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador and now calls North Carolina home. She has traveled to over 60 countries and built her own online community, “Travel to Blank,” which she runs with her husband, Steven.

She has been featured in a travel segment on an Ecuadorian TV station, where she shared her travel experiences with a wide audience. She has produced written and visual content in collaboration with over 50 tourism boards around the world, including the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador, I ❤️ Amsterdam, Visit California, and more.

The most important aspect of traveling for Jazmin is learning about various cultures and sharing her experiences with her community. Embracing diversity is a key value in her daily life.