January 1, 2018

ISBN: 978-0998976655

6 x 9 in

270 pages

POETRY / Women Authors

POETRY / Inspirational & Religious Poetry


When She Rules: Expressions by Contemporary Women

by Catherine L. Schweig, Chief Editor



This is the fourth anthology to emerge from the "Journey of the Heart Poetry Project." Contributors to this volume share moving personal stories, reflections and poetry exploring and defining the role the goddess plays in each of their lives. Through diverse and evolving relationships with archetypal goddesses, mythical goddesses and the inner goddesses they identify with most, women reveal when and how they feel intimately connected with the sacred feminine. Together, their words echo worldwide efforts aimed at ushering in a new paradigm for peace in which the feminine principles of creativity, receptivity, intuition and wisdom—independent of gender—rise to prominence. As we hear the authors reclaim might and magic, the resurgence of the goddess is unmistakable in their impassioned writings.

 All proceeds will be donated to the Malala Fund in support of girls and women.

"Goddess: When She Rules expresses an emerging modern revelation about the sacred feminine. Many of us today experience what can only be called Goddess epiphanies—palpable experiences of sacred female Presence. The women who contributed to this book have experienced these epiphanies, in unique, personal and wildly specific ways. In these pages, they celebrate their realizations through poetry, confessional prose, and insightful observation. To read their words is to realize how radically our view of the sacred feminine—and therefore of religion—is being transformed."

SALLY KEMPTON, Author of Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga 

“The eternal Goddess of many-splendored history is alive and well. Her beauty, power, and grace pour through these pages of luminous artistry. Every woman’s heart reveals her sacred mysteries. Whether versed in Goddess literature or new to Goddess spirituality, readers will find here a treasury of heart-awakening, enchanting, soul-stirring revelations.”

—MIRANDA SHAW, author of Passionate Enlightenment: Women in Tantric Buddhism and Buddhist Goddesses of India

“Goddess: When She Rules is a tapestry of personal reflections, memories, inspirations, and journeys into the heart of the feminine principle. Drawing from multi-disciplinary sources—modern science, Ayurveda, biology, sacred geography, Indian philosophy, feminist studies—the writers offer a sustained meditation that is at once deeply empowering and profoundly relevant to today’s contemporary women.”

—DR. LEENA TANEJA, Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Zayed University

“Women’s magick has long been in conversation with the world. For many of us who—either out-loud or silently—identify as the Priestess, the Witch, the Wild Woman, the light-worker, or the shadow-walker, our magick is spoken in the Mother-Tongue of the Divine Feminine. Conversant in the same, this anthology honors Her fierce and long-tongued power alongside Her soft-breasted grace, Her rage at environmental destruction alongside Her joyous celebration of the wild: precisely the medicine needed now at this pivotal and precarious point in human Her-story.”

—DANIELLE DULSKY, author of Woman Most Wild: Three Keys to Liberating the Witch Within

CATHERINE L. SCHWEIG is founder of the “Journey of the Heart Poetry Project,” an online forum where women’s voices are honored. This book is the fourth in a series of anthologies to emerge from that project. As a Bhakti yoga practitioner since the late 80’s, Catherine has also published in several yoga magazines over the years. Her relationship with Nature is at the heart of her spiritual journey. She lives in Virginia with her life-partner and cat, where she enjoys making art, Waldorf-style dolls, crocheting, reading and writing long letters to her sons and friends. 

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