Being Naked Shining:

Secret Conversation with Rinpoche and Others

by Torkel Lundberg

The contents of this slim volume came into being exclusively through listening, learning, borrowing, and gleaning from different kinds of teachers. My appreciation and gratitude to this golden chain of teachers are beyond what any words can express. If anything, I am perhaps a messenger of these.

From early on in childhood, my father taught me to observe and move quietly in the natural world and it came to be my primary inspiration, along with a few of the innumerable poets, seers, and givers of visions.

While I was working with documentary film in northern Sweden, Samí elders revealed mythical songs of their ancestral lands and animals.

Close friends urged me to continue writing and drawing. They taught me that I perceive beauty and a sense of belonging in everything I see.

My distinguished guru is now Ziji Rinpoche in the Dzogchen Lineage. I would not have written most, if any, of these words without her teachings and our secret conversation.

— Torkel Lundberg

Torkel Lundberg

Torkel Lundberg is a freelance nature documentary film maker. He also conducts field work monitoring seals and porpoises in the waters around Sweden.

This is his first published collection of images and text.

He currently lives in a small cottage in central Sweden.