A Story of One: TranscenDance

by Grace Gabriella Puskas 

A Story of One is a poetic love story of music, telepathy and purity, a mystical poetic rendition of the Magi Mind. It is a transcendental tantric dance of the senses birthing a new vibration for planet earth and the best possible reality for Gaia herself. 

We choose our timeline, we choose our fate, / the doorways to transcend are always in play. / We can stay stuck in our spirals, we can continue to devolve, / or we can embrace our immortality in a way that's pure Gold.

Grace Gabriella Puskas 

Grace Gabriella Puskas is a teacher. She believes fully that we can transcend lower vibrational ways of being into a higher and evolved state connected to frequencies of love, compassion and universal healing.

Being both a ReikiMaster teacher & shaman and musician, poet and lyricist,Grace sees all of life itself as frequency and vibration; as music. She has entered both the darkest and lightest places of her soul and is on a lifelong journey of truth, aware that anything she experiences on an individual level is reflective of the uni-versal story in play and can, there- fore, be used for healing and collective evolution. She has full intentions to restore wholeness and healing to herself and others through the use of crystals, sound, holistic linguistics, poetry, music, energy healing and herbal medicine, and is a qualified and naturally experienced Reiki Master teacher, shamanic energy healer, dream interpreter, medicinal herbalist, crystal healer and qi gongist; in addition to having experienced a very real shamanic death and rebirth initiation in 2012.

Grace’s debut book, A Message from Source, was a result of winning the national Local Legend Spiritual Writing Competition, the blueprint poem first being channelled in 2012. It was this first collection of 33 poems that inspired her to create A Story of One: Transcendance. Her life’s philosophy is entwined with her beliefs and faith in music being the one thing that can change the world and bring us all together. It was her deep love and respect for nature, the musical universe we live in, and staying integrally committed to aligning with her higher self and evolution that set her out on her journey as a teacher and way shower for others. She believes it is through ancient tantric practices of achieving higher states of consciousness and evolving to our highest potential through a form of ‘tantric transcendence’— a unification of mind, heart and spirit into a state of pure unconditional love—that true healing and unity can be restored to Gaia and the collective consciousness energy field.

Although it is her shamanic roots that is the basis of her motivations she has been greatly inspired by musicians such as Victor Wooten (One), Esperanza Spalding  Unconditional Love), and Bob Marley (One Love) therefore uses sound, music and poetry to shift frequencies in self and in others for best possible realities and timelines.

In 2016, Grace Gabriella Puskas was invited into the UK’s Top Leading Evolutionaries on a public vote by the global heart centred media platform, Source.tv, recognized for her contributions to the global shift in consciousness. Grace is currently writing her third and final collection of poetry, Earth Print, which is a complete work of poetic blueprints for the natural world including spirit animals, star signs and planets, goddess archetypes and spiritual deities, and special gems and natural herbs.

Grace’s only wish is to assist in the restoring of unity to planet earth and the evolution of humanity’s consciousness, living out her true musical vibration as unconditional love.

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